Archives for June 2008

The World's Biggest?

I have just received news of a very extensive digital storytelling project in the North East of England. It could be the largest single funding of digital storytelling in the world so far. More details when I know I can tell you more.  

Job in Toronto – murmur hiring

Job in Toronto – murmur hiring I just spotted this on Gareth Morlais’s blog. What an opportunity to combine a move to Toronto with a fascinating project. I’ve met Shaun several times and I’d love to be available to work on [murmer]

Carers digistories

Carers digistories The stories made in one of my recent workshops have just been published. I introduced them to the audience at the Kirklees Carer of the Year Awards in Huddersfield last week. Now you can watch them here.

No – Wi Fi, t-mobile broadband or live blogging

Here on the west coast of Wales at the UKs only digital storytelling festival I have connection to the outside world only through my iPhone. Access to the university’s wifi network is denied to all but staff and students, t-mobile supplies no signal to my broadband 3g dongle and the nearest public wifi point is […]

What a long journey

I am in Aberystwyth after a train journey that was late and then became a coach tour. Regulars on the line from Shrewsbury to the coast didn’t seem to be suprised when the train terminated several stations before the destination. The coach journey was ultimately more enjoyable. We were closer to the villages and each […]

Going West

Carers stories in Huddersfield, memories of The Sixties in York. Just two of the workshops that have kept me busy in the past month. I’ve also written an article about digital storytelling for a writers magazine called Lapidus and now I’m on my way to Aberystwyth for DS3. I will be blogging from the festival […]