Good day at the Festival

digistories at DS5

There was lots of interest in the digistories table in the Marketplace which was ideally placed outside the main theatre entrance.  I’ve tweeted from most of the sessions which gives you a flavour of how the day has gone, but now it’s time to have a drink and relax for the evening. I’ll update the blog with my observations and review on the train home tomorrow.


  1. @theincidentals stretching our minds with “pre phonographic” sound era #ds5
  2. #ds5 “Perhaps, one day, we’ll organise the great Storyworkers Union.” Joe Lambert
  3. #ds5 Next International Storytelling Conference in Norway Create-Share-Listen
  4. #ds5 Joe showed “Home Movies” by Dana Atchley and implied the passing of Dana’s mantle to Daniel Meadows.
  5. #ds5 “most of us do this work out of a gift that it gives us.” Joe Lambert on digital storytelling.
  6. #ds5 Joe Lambert “I am a Crypto Presbyterian.” spreading the good news about storytelling

  7. #ds5
    physical and virtual interaction in physical and virtual spaces. Hands on creative approach. It’ll only cost you time and hair
    #ds5 Joe Lambert on stage in Wales where “a story resonates in every brick”
  8. #ds5 “wouldn’t it be cool if ….. ” and start doing it. Communities 2.0
  9. #ds5 George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling – all about doing digital storytelling for FREE. Inspiring. “I’ve spent money on nothing”
  10. #ds5 “don’t use the effects in Movie Maker or your digital story will start to look like an Ultravox video”
  11. #ds5 “plug your headphones into your mic socket and you can record your voice” from the free and sustainable DS wort. Like homebrew beer.
  12. #ds5 innovative ways of putting digital stories on public display in the Northeast. @cshockstories
  13. @cshockstories Fabulous Stories @ds5
  14. Alex Henry presenting at #ds5
  15. #ds5 @cshockstories take storytellers behind the scenes of museums to find objects people wouldn’t normally see & to inspire stories.
  16. #ds5 @cshockstories hoping for legacy projects when Culture Shock ends. Result of investment in Training Trainers + purchasing equipment.
  17. #ds5 @cshockstories Culture Shock gathering stories in the North East inspired by Museums Collections.
    1. #ds5 Alex Henry of Culture Shock takes to the stage.
    2. #ds5 Historias Digitales is distributing free software and manuals for the XO in Uruguay. Simple timeline – big buttons.
    3. #ds5 380k students in Uruguay given XO computers. Allowed the start of a digital storytelling project. Training of tutors starts Sept.