"iMovie" or "Photo to Movie"?

I’ve been evaluating Photo to Movie from LQ Graphics as a tool for digital storytelling. My favourite application is iMovie HD. It’s not perfect but better the devil you know – and I know iMovie pretty well now and still discover tricks that make me think “how clever”. When Apple rewrote iMovie for iLife 08 it […]

Preparations begin for DS5 – The only event for practitioners in the UK

Digital Storytelling Cymru Network – Promoting Digital Storytelling in Wales and beyond…. DS5 – Preparations begin! Posted by Esko on October 15, 2009 at 1:23pm Send Message View Esko’s blog Hi gang! We’re already starting the process of preparing for DS5 next year, and as I suggested at DS4, we would like to use the […]

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Some thoughts on things I’ve seen for October 1st from 12:06 to 12:06: Place-Based Digital Storytelling Modules – National Parks of America – As the latest Ken Burns series about National Parks hits the screens on PBS television in the USA a series of web tutorials about place based digital storytelling has been created by […]

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Some thoughts on things I’ve seen for June 18th from 10:38 to 10:38: Short films saved for posterity – I an similar move the digital stories made in the BBC English Regions project “Telling Lives” were handed to the National Media Museum In Bradford. Over 350 stories were told by BBC listeners and viewers in […]

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Some thoughts on things I’ve seen for June 1st from 12:31 to 12:31: Online video more popular than blogging and social networking – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic – This is a very interesting and revealing piece of reporting. It demonstrates the opportunities presented to digital storytellers. There is an audience out there willing […]

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Some thoughts on things I’ve seen for May 19th from 07:22 to 12:15: Vicar’s shed for ex-cons – Yorkshire Evening Post – This is one of the stories I recently recorded at a workshop for the Yorkshire and Humber Faiths Forum. What does social capital have to do with digital inclusion? : Connected Communities – […]

The last two Engenious workshops start this week

I am in Salford on Thursday and Birmingham on Sunday running storycircles to start the last two workshops for engineers. Engineers – you have a story to tell! …but do you have the communication skills? One of the most powerful ways of delivering a message is to tell a story. Being able to create a […]

Obidos Digital Storytelling Conference

Obidos Digital Storytelling Conference. Details are now available for an International Digital Storytelling Conference – also in June 2009. This one is in Portugal and is being promoted as the follow up to the last international conference in Cardiff in 2003. I am unable to be in Lisbon for this conference as I am fully […]

Broadcast Engineers – tell your story

The second digital storytelling workshop for engineers to tell their own stories has been scheduled for the National Media Museum in Bradford. It is essentially for Broadcast Engineers to talk about the events and inspiration that led them into their career. The workshop takes place on three consecutive Mondays. February 9th, 16th and 23rd 2009. […]

KQED Updated Digital Storytelling Manuals

KQED in San Francisco runs one of the best Digital Storytelling programmes in the world. Leslie Rule has just updated the manuals which include How Tos for the whole process of digital storytelling. They are well worth downloading, and they’re free. While you’re on the site look through some of the stories told in their […]