Everyone tells stories

Writing scriptStories are the way we pass our experience on to others. One generation reminds the next of its culture, values and memories through storytelling.
In the twentieth century the mass media snatched the storytelling initiative from local communities. Our stories are now told by other people – the TV script writers and journalists who craft soap operas, news and current affairs programmes.
Technology and Social Media now lets anyone take back their historic right to communicate experience through stories. Old crafts and new skills come together in Digital Storytelling. The often lost art of script writing is rediscovered; pictures are brought to life; short pieces of television and video are created in storytelling workshops.

digistories builds on the experience of the BBC’s highly successful Telling Lives programme. In workshops I observe a wide range of people tell their story in a way that breaks the mould of modern media storytelling. The stories are powerful, engaging, authentic and in their own voice.