The Story Box

Crisis Skylight centre, Newcastle

Crisis Skylight, Newcastle

I’ve just finished a series of workshops at Crisis Skylight in Newcastle at the invitation of Alex Henry of Curiosity Creative. It’s part of The Story Box project, with stories being gathered for public display. Among the venues for these digital stories is a one person cinema – a portable red BT Phonebox.

The stories are about an object special to the storyteller. I heard about an amazing collection of objects – some still in the possession of the storytellers and others, sadly, only alive in their memories. But memories are what storytelling is all about

It was fun getting back to digital storytelling as it was my first workshop for two years. Many of you will know that in my retirement I have given much of my time to helping to house homeless people through a relatively new charity in York called Restore. So this workshop brought together my experience of both storytelling and working with people who are homeless.