What is a workshop like?

Digital stories are made in a workshop with several other storytellers. This collaborative setting adds to the experience as stories are shared and created together.


storycircle scriptThe heart of each digital story is a compelling personal story. Finding your story is more important than mastering the technolgy that allows you to tell it. Your story, and everybody has at least one, is buried somewhere in the recesses of your memory. The storycircle is designed to help you drill down into the events, thoughts, and feelings that make your story come alive. It may be prompted by a photograph or a collection of images connected to a special or memorable event. These pictures will become the visual track of your digital story.

At the end of the storycirle day you will have created a short script ready to be recorded in the next stage of the workshop

The storycircle often provokes memories of other pictures. Pictures that may have to be collected before you start your digital story.

Voice and Image Capture

The next stage is to record you reading your script and to gather your images and pictures in digital form. I call this voice and image capture. Once this process is complete you have the raw material from which you can create your digital story. You’ll learn to use a microphone, image scanner and digital camera, with some voice coaching thrown in. This stage is usually organised with short one to one sessions.

Production Workshop

Working to a ScriptNow you are ready for your production workshop. We turn your gathered assets, voice and image, into a digital story using digital technology.  This stage usually lasts a couple of days when you will put own device to work as you learn the basic skills of new media story making.


The final stage is to output your story for the World Premiere presentation. All the stories made in the workshop are shown on the big screen as we celebrate yours and everyone else’s success. If you attend all the sessions you will complete your story before the workshop ends.