Singapore Keynote

I was invited to deliver the keynote address to the 2nd Asian Digital Storytelling Congress in Singapore on Sept 4th 2010.
This is the text of my presentation

Linked thoughts

Some thoughts on things I’ve seen for June 23rd from 23:09 to 23:09: BBC – Viewfinder: No more bright sunny days – The end of Kodachrome – a sad day. In this blog entry Phil Coombes captures something of the magic of using 35mm film – now all but lost in the millions of pixels […]

Linked thoughts

Some thoughts on things I’ve seen for June 18th from 10:38 to 10:38: Short films saved for posterity – I an similar move the digital stories made in the BBC English Regions project “Telling Lives” were handed to the National Media Museum In Bradford. Over 350 stories were told by BBC listeners and viewers in […]

Digital Storytelling Workshops for Engineers

Ingenious Workshops The first workshops funded by the Ingenious Fund of the Royal Society of Engineering have been scheduled. The first is for Railway Engineers at the National Railway Museum in York. The digital storytelling workshop will be held at the museum on three Wednesdays. February 4th & 11th with a final day on March […]

DS3 Digital Storytelling Festival – Wales

Details have just been posted for the third Digital Storytelling Festival – DS3 – at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre in West Wales. 5/6th June 2008 This is the main festival in the UK and it’s well worth booking. It’s cheap too. I’ll be there along with many of my former BBC colleagues from Capture Wales. […]

My current obsession

This story was inspired by a battery from the magic story bag I loved electricity. Fascinated by the way a bulb lit, a motor turned, a radio played music and how a battery stored power. My bedroom was littered with wires, bulbholders, battery clips and bits of old radios. I suppose I was about 14 […]