See digistories at Illuminating York

The Armed Forces Community Presents … Workshops are complete and the stories are finding their way onto the York Stories 2012 website. But the highlight of this project – apart from the stories themselves of course – is that five of the digital stories will be shown on a big screen in St Helen’s Square […]

CREATE – SHARE – LISTEN at the 4th International Conference on Digital Storytelling

There’s a valuable discount for booking early for the 4th International Conference on Digital Storytelling in Lillehammer in February next year. See you there?

If the bucket is already there – use it

I can be very specific about the right kit to use for a digital storytelling project, but sometimes, in the name of inclusion, I have to remember it’s the story that’s important not the way it’s made.

What a long journey

I am in Aberystwyth after a train journey that was late and then became a coach tour. Regulars on the line from Shrewsbury to the coast didn’t seem to be suprised when the train terminated several stations before the destination. The coach journey was ultimately more enjoyable. We were closer to the villages and each […]