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Some thoughts on things I’ve seen for May 19th from 07:22 to 12:15: Vicar’s shed for ex-cons – Yorkshire Evening Post – This is one of the stories I recently recorded at a workshop for the Yorkshire and Humber Faiths Forum. What does social capital have to do with digital inclusion? : Connected Communities – […]

International Day For Sharing Life Stories

International Day For Sharing Life Stories. This event is this weekend May 16th. There are many storytelling events scattered across the globe – although not many in the UK. I am gathering stories at a digital storytelling workshop in Birmingham for engineers, but it’s not open to the public so it doesn’t qualify as an […]

Faith Stories

I’ve just finished uploading more stories to the digistoriesuk YouTube channel. This latest batch is from two workshops which were run for faith communities. A church called Harrogate New Life and the summer school of Riding Lights Theatre Company. There are some quite remarkable stories here as well as others that are gentle and reassuring […]

Roughshod Excell

I’ve just watched a totally absorbing perfomance by Roughshod. Riding Lights Roughshod is a professional touring theatre company – created by Riding Lights in 1992 to concentrate on the grass-roots community touring which characterised the early years of Riding Lights itself – which annually reaches a live audience of around 65,000 adults and children. It has […]