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Everyone has a photographic memory – some just don’t have film.

I have a chaotic personal collection of still photographs. Many of them passed down to me by my parents and many more collected since my photographic hobby developed in the 1960s. Today they prompt hundreds of stories in my memory – they are literally my photographic memory. Only a few of those images have been turned into stories – digital stories. Here’s one of them:-

You will have your own collection. These days the images are not only on paper but stored as digital files on hard drives, CDs, memory sticks and mobile devices. Let me entice you to consider mining those images for the stories that they tell and to engage in the process of digital storytelling to turn your photographic memory into something you can display to others.

Also let me train you to teach others how to create their digital stories in your own workshops. My workshops are all based on telling a personal story using your own images, script and voice-track. I don’t just teach the techniques, I engage you in the sometimes vulnerable process of exploring your own story and “putting it out there” for others to enjoy.