Joe Lambert’s Keynote at DS5

Joe Lambert brought a long history of experience to the Digital Storytelling Festival in Aberystwyth. His keynote was recorded and you can watch him speaking here.

What did people think of DS5

A vox-pop of people who attended DS5 in Aberystwyth

XO based digital storytelling

How do you give schoolchildren the tools to create digital stories on a $100 computer? You write the software yourself as they have in Uruguay.

Good day at the Festival

A busy, inspiring and valuable day at the fifth Cymru Digital Storytelling Festival in Aberystwyth

Thanks for the lift to #DS5, Esko

I was still making up my mind – walk or taxi? Then a question from a stranger led to a lift to DS5

Say Hello at DS5

Drop by and say Hello at the digistories trade table at the Digital Storytelling Festival in Aberystwyth. This year we’re on the top floor of the Arts Centre on the University Campus.