What a long journey

I am in Aberystwyth after a train journey that was late and then became a coach tour. Regulars on the line from Shrewsbury to the coast didn’t seem to be suprised when the train terminated several stations before the destination.
The coach journey was ultimately more enjoyable. We were closer to the villages and each other too. I had met up with my friend Diane from Arizona on the way and then we met some others on their way to DS3.
By the time we reached Aberystwyth it was so late we stopped in town to eat before going up the hill to the campus. I had a call from Mary Ann who had arranged to meet me over a coffee for chat. After checking in to our rooms I met Mark, a performance poet from Belfast. He is helping 12 year olds with digital storytelling using Movie Maker “because they all have it at home”.
So the community is here and I suppose I’ll make some new friends tomorrow.
I’m writing this on my iPhone because there’s no t-mobile signal up here for my broadband dongle. I hope to find some wireless access tomorrow. Time to sleep.