Get iMovie HD while you can

imovhdiconiLife ’09 was released today. It was also the day that the free download page for iMovie HD 6 was removed.

Apple allowed users to download the earlier version because iMovie 08 was such a radical change  that many users were left without some essential functions – timeline editing to name just one.

I can only assume that because iMovie ’09 has more functions Apple thinks that the old application is no longer needed.  What they will have failed to take into account is the way that Digital Storytellers use iMovie using a narrated voice track and still images compiled on a timeline. Even if ’09 is capable it will take time for workshop leaders like myself to devise new workflows and update their user manuals.

It seems that iMovie HD is still on the Apple Support servers and can be downloaded by following this link. iMovie HD So get your copy now and keep it somewhere safe. You may still need it for a while yet – you may even prefer it.

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