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Some thoughts on things I’ve seen for June 16th from 20:46 to 20:46:

  • Department for Culture Media and Sport – final report – Digital Britain – the report. his will either open u[p a whole new range of opportunities for community based broadcasting – or it will be a shambles. Only time will tell. I fear that a 2015 deadline for digital switchover for radio is unrealistic. It fails to take in the impact on the listening habits of millions of radio listeners who have no intention of changing their receivers. It also fails on the resilience test. Analogue radio signals are better than current digital broadcasts in adverse conditions. Power consumption is an issue too. I have both digital and analogue digital receivers that power earpieces. The analogue runs for weeks on a AAA cell. The DAB rx has to be recharged every day.
    More widespread use of broadband connections and improved training in its use is to be welcomed. I think digital storytelling has a big part to play here.