Warming to iMovie '09

Compiling a digital story

Compiling a digital story

I have just compiled a section of my tutorial story “Affected for Life” using iMovie ’09. I’m warming to it.

I began this exercise because the free download of iMovie HD is no longer available from the Apple site and attempts to install it on a new MacBook brings up an error message because iMovie ’08 has to be installed before the older HD version can be loaded. It doesn’t work if the computer is supplied with iLife ’09. I can only assume this is because Apple think that the much improved ’09 version should be enough for new Mac users.

[After some experimentation I found that by opening the iMovie HD installer package the app can extracted and dragged into the Applications folder as long as it’s in a folder called iMovie (Older Version). But as the app is no longer officially available it will soon be time to move on to another editing application. Sadly I have to concede that version 6 HD of iMovie is in sharp decline.]

Hence my experiment with ’09. It was easier because I had all the images to hand and it was simple to build the story in order from start to finish, but my head’s buzzing with possible solutions for those storytellers who hunt out their images as they go along. I think iMovie ’09  will be made to work and ultimately may even be simpler – despite the lack of a timeline in the form that most digital storytellers have been used to using.

Time to rewrite those tutorials ……..