Upgrading website to WordPress CMS

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

The white cat (OSX10.6) broke my ancient Dreamweaver 2004 application. When I looked at the price of the latest version (too old to upgrade) I knew it was a really good time to abandon the static digistories website for something more dynamic.
I wanted it to be based on WordPress. There seemed little point in throwing away years of experience of using it for my blog sites, so I looked around for a WP theme that was more CMS than blog.
The first one I tried was free – and it soon became clear why no payment was demanded. It looked nice on the demo but in reality it was unsuitable for a commecial site.

digistories header

Header preview

Thanks to my good friend Andy Hoyland I have settled on using a Studiopress theme called Genesis with a child theme called Metric. I am so far very happy with it. The site’s not ready for your eyes just yet, but soon I’ll be showing it off. I’ll probably move this blog over to the the same theme too.

Once the new site is ready it will appear at the top level url digistories.co.uk