Thanks for the lift to #DS5, Esko

Campus Room in Aberystwyth

Are you Esko? No, but I know who he is – you must be on your way to DS5. I was talking to David Gunn – one of the guests and speakers at the Digital Storytelling Festival – we were standing on Aberystwyth Station. I had a message from Joe Lambert, of the Center for Digital Storytelling, that he wouldn’t need a lift to the Arts Centre as he was stopping off to meet a friend. That message to be delivered to Sophie or Esko. I was on the Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth train reading Story Circle, the new book edited by John Hartley and Kelly McWilliam, when Joe Lambert spotted me and came over to chat for a while, before disembarking to meet a friend before coming on to the festival.

So I hitched a lift with Esko and David and now I’m in my room and remembering how cell like these university “flats” are. But it’s cheap and convenient, the sun’s shining and I’ve survived here twice before. What’s more, this time there’s WiFi and 3g – so things have improved.

I’ll be trying to keep this blog updated throughout the festival.