Time for a change

Training Trainers for Culture Shock

Training Trainers for Culture Shock!

It’s time to change. After each workshop I realise how much the participants have gained from the experience. As they take their story away I think,

“Another six people but so many more have a story to tell, skills to learn and an experience to gain.”

Even after five years of running digistories projects there are still relatively few workshops available and people skilled and resourced to run them. So now I want to concentrate my business on Training Trainers. As I have trained the tutors for projects like Culture Shock, East Dorset Arts Development team and the London Transport Museum I know that the effect of imparting my experience and skills is multiplied. Months later I am invited to look at the results of workshops run, not by me, but by the people I have trained. So this summer I am beginning to promote myself as a Trainers Trainer, hence the new website.

It doesn’t mean I’m no longer interested in helping you deliver your projects and facilitating workshops for your clients; it is a change of emphasis. I will be encouraging you to train someone who can deliver the workshops for you.

I know, for some, the four day training trainers workshop is quite challenging in terms of finding the time in a busy schedule to devote to learning new skills. So I am also introducing a modular structure to my training to sit alongside the four day option. My Training Trainers workshops follow the style of any other digital storytelling workshop except it assumes some skills in at least one of the areas of expertise. I give fuller explanations of each step and tutors manuals and worksheets along the way. In my opinion it is still the best way of becoming a tutor because the experience is similar to the one you will be giving your participants – and empathy is a significant part of the delivery of a workshop.

But shorter modules will help those who are busier of whose schedule demands shorter training events. The workshop essentially splits down into these sections:

    • storycircle facilitation
    • script writing
    • working with images
    • voice recording and sound editing
    • production techniques
    • story output
    • post production

      and this approach will allow me to add other modules that are not directly covered in a tutors workshop like:

    • recruitment
    • sourcing funds and writing your bids