Singapore and the future of digital storytelling

It’s all ready. Script, Keynote Presentation, Digital Stories and Images all in line and ready for my keynote to the 2nd Asian Digital Storytelling Congress tomorrow. I’m not sure what people are expecting but I do know what they’re getting.

I’m looking to the the future. I suppose we all think the future is shaped by new technology and networking opportunities, but I’m convinced that our imaginations and integrity are really the key. Where we go depends much more on the destination we want to reach than it does on the transport. So with digital storytelling. What dreams do we have? What is it that you just wish you could do? What stands in the way of you doing it? These questions are far more important than what new toys are coming onto the market to help us put stories together.

I’m also looking forward in the much shorter term to meeting new friends and possibly a few old ones too.