Past Caring

Past Caring Workshop Another special workshop with a group of lovely people in Devon. Crafting their stories needed sensitivity and care. They were taking on new skills to tell stories about people they had cared for. Most of them recounted events from the lives of close family members who had left a deep imprint on their memories. As a carer myself, whose son moved into independent living over ten years ago, I know something of what it’s like when the day to day responsibility for them falls away, but I would never had attempted to say I understood what these people were experiencing. They gave me an insight through the digital stories they told. In those few days as we worked together I feel that some of their strength and resolve rubbed off on me. I wonder if all the stuff I told them about storytelling and using iMovie was anywhere as near as inspiring for them. Thankfully those tools allowed them to tell their story with their own words and pictures, so when the stories have been post produced and uploaded you’ll be able to see them too.

I am hoping to go back to Exeter later in the year to run a second workshop in the Past Caring series for Folk.Us.