Armed Forces Workshops – FAQ

The aim of these workshops is to give participants the skills to make a recording of their story in their own voice. The half day workshops begin with ice breakers, fun games with words, the use of memory prompts and simple writing exercises. No previous experience is needed. The workshop is open to people of all abilities.

Typical Story Circle

Story Circle

What is a digital storytelling? A digital story is a personal narrative, recorded by the storyteller in their own voice and illustrated with pictures from their own photo collection. it can be streamed on the internet, burned to DVD or added top a digital archive.

Who can attend? Anyone who has a personal story about life with the armed forces in York and is willing to tell it.

What skills are needed? None except the willingness to share and tell stories. All skills required will be taught in the workshop.

What skills are acquired? Writing, scripting, use of a microphone, voice and reading a script. Computer skills, image processing and video editing are also learned in advanced workshops.

What do I need to bring with me?  Just an idea for a story and any photographs that may help you to tell it.

Where can the workshop be held?  They can be delivered almost anywhere where an exclusive space can be provided.

Where can I join a workshop? Taster sessions and workshops will be listed here

What will happen to the stories?  They will be recorded in the voice of the storyteller and added to the collection of York 800 stories. They may be available in a public archive or streamed on the internet. (Full editorial guidance about content is provided in the workshop.)

Are there any follow up workshops? Storytellers will be encouraged to join a more advanced workshop to add pictures to the story narrative to create a multimedia digital story.