Voices in unison

The second day of the Culture Shock training trainers workshop in Beamish was successful. Everyone recorded their script and edited it. Images have been scanned and resized. The search is on for old pictures and other photos ready for the next phase of the workshops which starts on Thursday.

Ten stories

Ten people engaged in the multistory.net workshop have indentified and scripted their stories today. It was a large storycircle but the storytellers all came with some skills. Tomorrow is a complicated day scanning their images and recording their scripts. I normally structure this as a series of appointments but in this case I have to […]

No – Wi Fi, t-mobile broadband or live blogging

Here on the west coast of Wales at the UKs only digital storytelling festival I have connection to the outside world only through my iPhone. Access to the university’s wifi network is denied to all but staff and students, t-mobile supplies no signal to my broadband 3g dongle and the nearest public wifi point is […]