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Southampton digistories workshop update

The plan for Southampton is being updated. I will be in Building 27, Room 3059 on Highfield Campus at Southampton University next Tuesday giving two taster presentations. If you want to know more then come along at either 11am or 1pm when I will be expalining how it all works, how much you will get […]

Graduate Engineer near Southampton?

The next Engenious Stories workshop is in Southampton. If you are interested you have only a short time to register, but it’s free and you will find the experience very rewarding. More about the project here. Click on the flyer below to download it. To register contact Dr Steve Dorney today if possible.

Faith Stories

I’ve just finished uploading more stories to the digistoriesuk YouTube channel. This latest batch is from two workshops which were run for faith communities. A church called Harrogate New Life and the summer school of Riding Lights Theatre Company. There are some quite remarkable stories here as well as others that are gentle and reassuring […]

Engenious Stories

A new name for the stories produced in the Engineers workshop – Engenious Stories. I’ve assembled them into a single playlist. Take a look

The digistoriesuk YouTube Channel is live

I have created a YouTube channel called “digistoriesuk” to display digital stories created in my workshops. I had to add the uk on the end because there is already a digistories channel which is being used by someone in California called Fred Mindlin who is running workshops over there. The first stories to be uploaded […]

How to Export 720 HD video from iMovie '09

This a rather techy article from Macworld but it is very useful. The quality of exported video from iMovie is often disappointing for a number of reasons. This article tackles only one format, 720 line HD, but the principles can be applied to others too. It’s well worth a read. If you understand it, fine. […]