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Community Voices

The launch of Community Voices projects is drawing nearer. Organisations will be invited to submit their projects for funding by The Media Trust early in the new year. I was interviewed by one the researchers from Corporate Citizenship who compiled the report that informs the approach to be taken by Media Trust towards the Community Voices project. It’s […]

Digital Story Telling @ the University of Gloucester

Digital Story Telling Digital storytelling, the technique of combing narrative with digital media, into short movies emerged as a practice in the 1990s.  The technique exploited the increasing accessibility of technologies for capturing audio and images and was exploited particularly for community and social projects.  It can be seen as an adaptation of the storytelling […]

iMovie 8 Madness

I have started to re evaluate iMovie 8 (part of iLife 09) as a tool for digital storytelling. I was beginning to warm to it until I began some tests to nail down it’s behaviour with still images. Now it’s driving me to distraction – it’s so inconsistent. So my write up will take a […]

"iMovie" or "Photo to Movie"?

I’ve been evaluating Photo to Movie from LQ Graphics as a tool for digital storytelling. My favourite application is iMovie HD. It’s not perfect but better the devil you know – and I know iMovie pretty well now and still discover tricks that make me think “how clever”. When Apple rewrote iMovie for iLife 08 it […]

More Engenious Stories

YouTube – digistoriesuks Channel . I’ve just uploaded the final batch of digital stories made by Engineers in the Engenious Stories project. It was organised by The Universities of Salford and Southampton and funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. I held workshops in Salford, Bradford, York, Birmingham and Southampton where a wide range of […]

Testing new software for digistories

LQ Graphics Photo to Movie. I’m testing this software for use in my workshops. It’s available in Mac and Windows versions. There’s a timeline and it works under Snow Leopard. With no sign of a fix for iMovie 6 under Snow Leopard and the download no longer available on the Apple website, I have to […]

Culture Shock records ordinary lives in North East

Culture Shock records ordinary lives in North East By Culture24 staff | 28 October 2009 (Above) Culture Shock participants editing their digital story. Photograph courtesy Culture Shock A project in the North East is allowing local people to contribute records of their own lives to the permanent collections of the region’s museums and galleries. Culture Shock aims […]

Preparations begin for DS5 – The only event for practitioners in the UK

Digital Storytelling Cymru Network – Promoting Digital Storytelling in Wales and beyond…. DS5 – Preparations begin! Posted by Esko on October 15, 2009 at 1:23pm Send Message View Esko’s blog Hi gang! We’re already starting the process of preparing for DS5 next year, and as I suggested at DS4, we would like to use the […]

Test for Twitter

Just testing the new twitter feed for digistories

Linked thoughts

Some thoughts on things I’ve seen for October 21st from 17:21 to 17:21: Diego Goldberg :: The Arrow of Time – I find these family photo collection fascinating. The same day each year they photograph themselves. It reminds me of the film Dana Atchley used to show in Next Exit.