Peg for a story

Clothes peg

This story was inspired by a peg from the magic story bag

My fingers were sore and my nails broken

I have to know how things work and as a child I took everything apart. If it had a screw or a clip I would have it dismantled in no time. Radios, bikes, toys, kitchen things were stripped down and usually reassembled.

My earliest memory of doing this is when I discovered the peg bag. (I don’t know who designs peg bags but it’s what I later recognised as a cottage industry. Why do we need bags shaped like farmyard animals or a childs shirt? But I digress …) I took all the springs off the pegs and couldn’t put them back together.

“What have you done to my pegs? That’s naughty.” Mum scolded, and then she showed me how to put them back together. I was grounded until they were all mended. Hard work for a small boy.

My fingers were sore and my nails broken.