Big birds still worry me

Another true story inspired by an object in the Magic Story Bag Once a year we used to walk from school to Debden village church for a special service. On the way we passed a lake where a few swans swam. The teacher, Mrs Firth, told us not to annoy the swans because they might […]

Something borrowed, something green …

This story was inspired by a car key fob from the magic story bag I borrowed a hundred pounds from my grandma to buy my first car. I don’t know why she was so willing to lend it to me. Perhaps, to her, it wasn’t a lot of money. For me it was a fortune […]

My current obsession

This story was inspired by a battery from the magic story bag I loved electricity. Fascinated by the way a bulb lit, a motor turned, a radio played music and how a battery stored power. My bedroom was littered with wires, bulbholders, battery clips and bits of old radios. I suppose I was about 14 […]

Peg for a story

This story was inspired by a peg from the magic story bag My fingers were sore and my nails broken I have to know how things work and as a child I took everything apart. If it had a screw or a clip I would have it dismantled in no time. Radios, bikes, toys, kitchen […]

Lock it or lose it

This story was inspired by a small padlock from the magic story bag Those crime prevention posters must have been effective at some point in my life. I am almost obsessed with locking things up. Doors, sheds, bikes, lockers, the garage, the car … I could go on. I feel I’m more obsessed with locking […]