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I found this on the writing lives/teaching lives blog:

Digital Storytelling « writing lives/teaching lives
When I began to read about digital storytelling, I had expected it to be interesting, but for some reason, I had not expected that the writing process was used in digital storytelling. I suppose that I did not see the connection between the two. Lisa C. Miller addresses this: “With digital storytelling, words and the writing process matter as much as ever. We still must take students through that process, from coming up with an idea to collecting information to focusing and organizing to drafting to revising” 173.  I figured that I would mention this just in case I was not the only one who is a little amazed at this pretty obvious connection.

Anyone who reinforces the need for good storytelling and writing skills gets my vote. It’s not an intellectual exercise, it’s just good discipline. Forging your story into a script also saves you a lot of time later. Once you have decided what your story is you don’t waste time processing images and creating sequences you don’t need.