digistories not at ds9

I am not at ds9 which starts today in Cardiff. I have been winding down my digital storytelling business since the last project in York. Due to family circumstances and an increased workload from a charity I started I decided not be at this year’s event. I am already regretting not being there but that’s the choice […]

Judges of Character

This is the theme for the Riding Lights Summer Theatre School this year. I will again be delivering a course called Tall Stories. You'll learn how use a personal narrative to create a digital performance that will be presented to an audience by the end of the week. We will explore storytelling, digital media, writing […]

Bridges Burned – Upgrade Complete

As I complete the upgrade on my last MacBook today I realise that In will probably never run a digital storytelling workshop again using iMovieHD – my bridges have been burned

Roughshod Excell

I’ve just watched a totally absorbing perfomance by Roughshod. Riding Lights Roughshod is a professional touring theatre company – created by Riding Lights in 1992 to concentrate on the grass-roots community touring which characterised the early years of Riding Lights itself – which annually reaches a live audience of around 65,000 adults and children. It has […]

Going West

Carers stories in Huddersfield, memories of The Sixties in York. Just two of the workshops that have kept me busy in the past month. I’ve also written an article about digital storytelling for a writers magazine called Lapidus and now I’m on my way to Aberystwyth for DS3. I will be blogging from the festival […]

Jason Ohler's new book

Jason Ohler : Education and Technology :: Art, Storytelling, Education and Technology Art, Storytelling, Technology and Education Resources for educators, parents, innovators Announcement: Jasons new book about digital storytelling and new media narrative in education – Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning and Creativity, is now available for advance purchase: […]

Big birds still worry me

Another true story inspired by an object in the Magic Story Bag Once a year we used to walk from school to Debden village church for a special service. On the way we passed a lake where a few swans swam. The teacher, Mrs Firth, told us not to annoy the swans because they might […]

Writing lives/teaching lives

I found this on the writing lives/teaching lives blog: Digital Storytelling « writing lives/teaching lives When I began to read about digital storytelling, I had expected it to be interesting, but for some reason, I had not expected that the writing process was used in digital storytelling. I suppose that I did not see the […]