Roughshod Excell

I’ve just watched a totally absorbing perfomance by Roughshod.

Riding Lights Roughshod is a professional touring theatre company – created by Riding Lights in 1992 to concentrate on the grass-roots community touring which characterised the early years of Riding Lights itself – which annually reaches a live audience of around 65,000 adults and children. It has been acclaimed from Belfast to Brixton for creating powerful new pieces of theatre.

Their collection sketches in the show Hope Street are compelling and moving. A mixture of traditional storytelling from biblical, classical and North American sources, mixed with the actors personal stories of hope. I’m at the Riding Lights Summer Theatre School in Harrogate.

This  afternoon we introduced our storytelling groups to the plan for the week. Sarah Rundle warmed everyone up and I explained how they will put the digital into storytelling. We haven’t worked together before but I feel good about the partnership. Sarah is a traditional storyteller and with her our group will develop their performance skills. I am running two slightly squeezed digital storytelling workshops so that everyone can experience both styles of story making.