Useful first look at iMovie '09

iLife 09 continued: My first iMovie 09 video | The Download Blog –

You also have better control over the audio track, the title animation, and the sound effects–you can change them or move them around, for example. But we still would prefer a more precise manipulation. For example, we wanted to match up an exact part of a song to a specific point in a video clip. We could only do this after a lot of dragging and dropping and trial and error. If we had a timeline, lining them up would be a lot easier. For better transitions and edits, the precision editor works great, but we still miss the timeline.

While it seems that the new iMovie is better than the previous version the lack of a timeline still concerns me. I will update my views after I have installed iLife ’09 for myself – still waiting for the postman to delever.