Armed Forces Community Presents …..

Live in York? Have a story to tell about military life? Want to expand your media skills?
I am running a series of workshops in the city linked to York Stories 2012 called Armed Forces Presents. York is a great military city and has been ever since the Romans built their Legionary Headquarters here two thousand years ago.
I’m interested in collecting the stories from living memory. Stories of the events in your life that involved days in ‘the forces’. Or it may be that your contact through work, romance or proximity with one of the barracks or air bases near York played a significant part in your life.
Whatever your links, either enlisted or as a civvy, you will have stories to tell.
The workshops are fun, free and empowering. Your story could be part of a presentation of York Stories later this year. If you want to know more download this flyer
To register your interest just send me an email and I’ll put you on the list.

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