Preparations begin for DS5 – The only event for practitioners in the UK

Digital Storytelling Cymru Network – Promoting Digital Storytelling in Wales and beyond…. DS5 – Preparations begin! Posted by Esko on October 15, 2009 at 1:23pm Send Message View Esko’s blog Hi gang! We’re already starting the process of preparing for DS5 next year, and as I suggested at DS4, we would like to use the […]

Obidos Digital Storytelling Conference

Obidos Digital Storytelling Conference. Details are now available for an International Digital Storytelling Conference – also in June 2009. This one is in Portugal and is being promoted as the follow up to the last international conference in Cardiff in 2003. I am unable to be in Lisbon for this conference as I am fully […]

DS4 – Aberystwyth

It’s time to enrol for the Digital Storytelling Festival in Aberystwyth. The date for this year is 17th June 2009 at the Arts Centre on the campus of the University of Wales. It’s always good value and if you’re travelling you can stay overnight on the campus for a very reasonable rate. There’s more information […]

What a long journey

I am in Aberystwyth after a train journey that was late and then became a coach tour. Regulars on the line from Shrewsbury to the coast didn’t seem to be suprised when the train terminated several stations before the destination. The coach journey was ultimately more enjoyable. We were closer to the villages and each […]

Going West

Carers stories in Huddersfield, memories of The Sixties in York. Just two of the workshops that have kept me busy in the past month. I’ve also written an article about digital storytelling for a writers magazine called Lapidus and now I’m on my way to Aberystwyth for DS3. I will be blogging from the festival […]

DS3 Digital Storytelling Festival – Wales

Details have just been posted for the third Digital Storytelling Festival – DS3 – at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre in West Wales. 5/6th June 2008 This is the main festival in the UK and it’s well worth booking. It’s cheap too. I’ll be there along with many of my former BBC colleagues from Capture Wales. […]

Jason Ohler's new book

Jason Ohler : Education and Technology :: Art, Storytelling, Education and Technology Art, Storytelling, Technology and Education Resources for educators, parents, innovators Announcement: Jasons new book about digital storytelling and new media narrative in education – Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning and Creativity, is now available for advance purchase: […]