10 Things Every Final Cut Pro User Should Know | Mac|Life

10 Things Every Final Cut Pro User Should Know | Mac|Life. A really useful basic user guide presented in a series of video tutorials.

Free Final Cut plugin: Lower Third

If you’re a Final Cut user (Express or Pro) this plugin is free and very handy. It produces a result like this:

How to Export 720 HD video from iMovie '09

This a rather techy article from Macworld but it is very useful. The quality of exported video from iMovie is often disappointing for a number of reasons. This article tackles only one format, 720 line HD, but the principles can be applied to others too. It’s well worth a read. If you understand it, fine. […]

Useful first look at iMovie '09

iLife 09 continued: My first iMovie 09 video | The Download Blog – Download.com You also have better control over the audio track, the title animation, and the sound effects–you can change them or move them around, for example. But we still would prefer a more precise manipulation. For example, we wanted to match up […]

KQED Updated Digital Storytelling Manuals

KQED in San Francisco runs one of the best Digital Storytelling programmes in the world. Leslie Rule has just updated the manuals which include How Tos for the whole process of digital storytelling. They are well worth downloading, and they’re free. While you’re on the site look through some of the stories told in their […]