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Ten stories

Ten people engaged in the workshop have indentified and scripted their stories today. It was a large storycircle but the storytellers all came with some skills. Tomorrow is a complicated day scanning their images and recording their scripts. I normally structure this as a series of appointments but in this case I have to […]

Roughshod Excell

I’ve just watched a totally absorbing perfomance by Roughshod. Riding Lights Roughshod is a professional touring theatre company – created by Riding Lights in 1992 to concentrate on the grass-roots community touring which characterised the early years of Riding Lights itself – which annually reaches a live audience of around 65,000 adults and children. It has […]

Riding Lights and Digital Stories

I’m about to set off for a week long residential where I am running two digital storytelling workshops at the Riding Lights Summer Theatre School. I am particularly excited about this event because five Palestinian students from Bethlehem will be joining us. A month ago I was cycling round the Yorkshire Dales on a sponsored […]