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KQED Updated Digital Storytelling Manuals

KQED in San Francisco runs one of the best Digital Storytelling programmes in the world. Leslie Rule has just updated the manuals which include How Tos for the whole process of digital storytelling. They are well worth downloading, and they’re free. While you’re on the site look through some of the stories told in their […]

Mobile Digital Storytelling

A useful, comprehensive, if somewhat over long, presentation about a form of digital storytelling using a mobile phone and web based editing sites.

Voices in unison

The second day of the Culture Shock training trainers workshop in Beamish was successful. Everyone recorded their script and edited it. Images have been scanned and resized. The search is on for old pictures and other photos ready for the next phase of the workshops which starts on Thursday.

Culture Shock

Today is the start of one of the biggest digital storytelling projects in the UK. Culture Shock has a target of collecting 1,000 digital stories in two years gathered from people in the North East of England. The stories will be prompted by objects from museum collections in the region. This is the first training […]

Ten stories

Ten people engaged in the workshop have indentified and scripted their stories today. It was a large storycircle but the storytellers all came with some skills. Tomorrow is a complicated day scanning their images and recording their scripts. I normally structure this as a series of appointments but in this case I have to […]

Roughshod Excell

I’ve just watched a totally absorbing perfomance by Roughshod. Riding Lights Roughshod is a professional touring theatre company – created by Riding Lights in 1992 to concentrate on the grass-roots community touring which characterised the early years of Riding Lights itself – which annually reaches a live audience of around 65,000 adults and children. It has […]

Riding Lights and Digital Stories

I’m about to set off for a week long residential where I am running two digital storytelling workshops at the Riding Lights Summer Theatre School. I am particularly excited about this event because five Palestinian students from Bethlehem will be joining us. A month ago I was cycling round the Yorkshire Dales on a sponsored […]

Helping families keep in touch

Helping families keep in touch – The official launch saw five African families take part in a three-day digital storytelling workshop as part of Changing Perspectives – a project which aims to create a multimedia archive to celebrate the heritage of African and Caribbean families living in the North East. The launch event saw […]

The World's Biggest?

I have just received news of a very extensive digital storytelling project in the North East of England. It could be the largest single funding of digital storytelling in the world so far. More details when I know I can tell you more.  

Job in Toronto – murmur hiring

Job in Toronto – murmur hiring I just spotted this on Gareth Morlais’s blog. What an opportunity to combine a move to Toronto with a fascinating project. I’ve met Shaun several times and I’d love to be available to work on [murmer]