10 Things Every Final Cut Pro User Should Know | Mac|Life

10 Things Every Final Cut Pro User Should Know | Mac|Life. A really useful basic user guide presented in a series of video tutorials.

DS4 – Aberystwyth

It’s time to enrol for the Digital Storytelling Festival in Aberystwyth. The date for this year is 17th June 2009 at the Arts Centre on the campus of the University of Wales. It’s always good value and if you’re travelling you can stay overnight on the campus for a very reasonable rate. There’s more information […]

Final Cutters – win software

A useful site for editors and storytellers using Apple’s Final Cut and to tempt you to visit there’s a software prize on offer too.

Free Final Cut plugin: Lower Third

If you’re a Final Cut user (Express or Pro) this plugin is free and very handy. It produces a result like this:

How to Export 720 HD video from iMovie '09

This a rather techy article from Macworld but it is very useful. The quality of exported video from iMovie is often disappointing for a number of reasons. This article tackles only one format, 720 line HD, but the principles can be applied to others too. It’s well worth a read. If you understand it, fine. […]

iMovie '09 – nothing for digital storytellers

The new iMovie ’09 appears to have the same serious limitation on using stills as the previous version. Drag a still into the project and it’s duration is set by default to 4 seconds. In any other video editing software changing the duration is just a matter of dragging the end of the clip to […]

Get iMovie HD while you can

iLife ’09 was released today. It was also the day that the free download page for iMovie HD 6 was removed. Apple allowed users to download the earlier version because iMovie 08 was such a radical change  that many users were left without some essential functions – timeline editing to name just one. I can […]

KQED Updated Digital Storytelling Manuals

KQED in San Francisco runs one of the best Digital Storytelling programmes in the world. Leslie Rule has just updated the manuals which include How Tos for the whole process of digital storytelling. They are well worth downloading, and they’re free. While you’re on the site look through some of the stories told in their […]

Mobile Digital Storytelling

A useful, comprehensive, if somewhat over long, presentation about a form of digital storytelling using a mobile phone and web based editing sites.

Jason Ohler's new book

Jason Ohler : Education and Technology :: Art, Storytelling, Education and Technology Art, Storytelling, Technology and Education Resources for educators, parents, innovators Announcement: Jasons new book about digital storytelling and new media narrative in education – Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning and Creativity, is now available for advance purchase: […]