"iMovie" or "Photo to Movie"?

I’ve been evaluating Photo to Movie from LQ Graphics as a tool for digital storytelling. My favourite application is iMovie HD. It’s not perfect but better the devil you know – and I know iMovie pretty well now and still discover tricks that make me think “how clever”. When Apple rewrote iMovie for iLife 08 it […]

Warming to iMovie '09

I have just compiled a section of my tutorial story “Affected for Life” using iMovie ’09. I’m warming to it. I began this exercise because the free download of iMovie HD is no longer available from the Apple site and attempts to install it on a new MacBook brings up an error message because iMovie […]

10 Things Every Final Cut Pro User Should Know | Mac|Life

10 Things Every Final Cut Pro User Should Know | Mac|Life. A really useful basic user guide presented in a series of video tutorials.

Engenious Stories – Presentation

This is the presentation explaining the Engenious Digital Storytelling Workshops It’s in three parts (Please note that the Salford workshop will now be held on May 7th, 14th and 21st and not t as indicated in this presentation) Part 1 What is Digital Storytelling? Part 2 How does Digital Storytelling work? Part 3 How do […]

Graduate Engineer near Southampton?

The next Engenious Stories workshop is in Southampton. If you are interested you have only a short time to register, but it’s free and you will find the experience very rewarding. More about the project here. Click on the flyer below to download it. To register contact Dr Steve Dorney today if possible.

How to Export 720 HD video from iMovie '09

This a rather techy article from Macworld but it is very useful. The quality of exported video from iMovie is often disappointing for a number of reasons. This article tackles only one format, 720 line HD, but the principles can be applied to others too. It’s well worth a read. If you understand it, fine. […]

Useful first look at iMovie '09

iLife 09 continued: My first iMovie 09 video | The Download Blog – Download.com You also have better control over the audio track, the title animation, and the sound effects–you can change them or move them around, for example. But we still would prefer a more precise manipulation. For example, we wanted to match up […]

Still time to book your place

There are still places for both Railway and Broadcast Engineers on the Digital Storytelling workshops in York and Bradford. National Railway Museum workshop starts on Wednesday Feb 4th in York National Media Museum workshop starts on Monday Feb 9th in Bradford Places are free but have to be booked. Contact Dr Zoe Stec L.Z.Stec@salford.ac.uk

iMovie '09 – nothing for digital storytellers

The new iMovie ’09 appears to have the same serious limitation on using stills as the previous version. Drag a still into the project and it’s duration is set by default to 4 seconds. In any other video editing software changing the duration is just a matter of dragging the end of the clip to […]

Broadcast Engineers – tell your story

The second digital storytelling workshop for engineers to tell their own stories has been scheduled for the National Media Museum in Bradford. It is essentially for Broadcast Engineers to talk about the events and inspiration that led them into their career. The workshop takes place on three consecutive Mondays. February 9th, 16th and 23rd 2009. […]