The Legacy of Digital Storytelling

Museums archive things for the rest of us – and so it is with digital stories made in the North East’s Culture Shock! project. But what about the investment in equipment and skills – can we give a digital storytelling project a legacy too?

Mars Edit 3

The latest update of Mars Edit blogging software is in the wild. I was very tempted to deploy it when version 2.3 emerged but I decided to stick with the web interface. I think the latest version is going to lift the dollars out of my pocket as I’m won over by the smarter features. […]

iMovie 8 Madness

I have started to re evaluate iMovie 8 (part of iLife 09) as a tool for digital storytelling. I was beginning to warm to it until I began some tests to nail down it’s behaviour with still images. Now it’s driving me to distraction – it’s so inconsistent. So my write up will take a […]

"iMovie" or "Photo to Movie"?

I’ve been evaluating Photo to Movie from LQ Graphics as a tool for digital storytelling. My favourite application is iMovie HD. It’s not perfect but better the devil you know – and I know iMovie pretty well now and still discover tricks that make me think “how clever”. When Apple rewrote iMovie for iLife 08 it […]

Testing new software for digistories

LQ Graphics Photo to Movie. I’m testing this software for use in my workshops. It’s available in Mac and Windows versions. There’s a timeline and it works under Snow Leopard. With no sign of a fix for iMovie 6 under Snow Leopard and the download no longer available on the Apple website, I have to […]

Culture Shock Stories online

Last year I trained several teams of digital storytellers who have since been running workshops for a project called Culture Shock. The first stories (over 200 of them) are now online. The site is smart and functional and well worth a visit. The stories are, of course,  a fascinating insight into life in the North […]

Useful first look at iMovie '09

iLife 09 continued: My first iMovie 09 video | The Download Blog – You also have better control over the audio track, the title animation, and the sound effects–you can change them or move them around, for example. But we still would prefer a more precise manipulation. For example, we wanted to match up […]

iMovie '09 – nothing for digital storytellers

The new iMovie ’09 appears to have the same serious limitation on using stills as the previous version. Drag a still into the project and it’s duration is set by default to 4 seconds. In any other video editing software changing the duration is just a matter of dragging the end of the clip to […]

No – Wi Fi, t-mobile broadband or live blogging

Here on the west coast of Wales at the UKs only digital storytelling festival I have connection to the outside world only through my iPhone. Access to the university’s wifi network is denied to all but staff and students, t-mobile supplies no signal to my broadband 3g dongle and the nearest public wifi point is […]

Georgina Goes Out

Can I have a carer please …. for next Tuesday ….. I want to go out with my friends. Georgina is a 16 year old arranging an afternoon out to go bowling in the school holidays. She has cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair and she’s made a film about living with her disability. It’s very […]